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Wedding on a beach

Wedding on a beach

Philippines is a country of more than 7000 islands! And there are so many beautiful places for wedding!

Many couples dreaming to make their ceremony on a beach, and we are happy to provide for them this possibility! We making weddings in any place – and beach in the Philippines are really good chance to make ceremony special and memorable.

Panglao, Bohol, Palawan, Quezon, Cebu and other places are available!

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Church wedding and church blessings of marriage

Church wedding is the most venerable step in a relationship. We are happy to prepare couple for the special day, meet with a priest or pastor, select chapel or another place for ceremony and do more required things.

Church blessings of marriage is available for married couples who made ceremony before in civil kind. And it’s not less emotional and lovely than church wedding.

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Church wedding and church blessings of marriage
Civil marriage

Civil marriage

Civil marriage available for anybody who wants ceremony to be formal and in law. We are preparing everything for it: place, interior, clothes, photographer, presenter, musicians, florist and others.

Documents, required for civil marriage, possible to prepare with us. Be ready: Philippines is only one country where marriage are for whole life, and there are no divorce!

We will be happy to prepare it from idea and up to the special day! And we are ready to answer on any your questions.

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